Ever get tired of vendors TV apps?

Since I got really bored with the officially TV remote control app of GRUNDIG TV (smart inter@ctive), I decided to develop a simple new app, which provide all features GRUNDIG has promised, but not delivered yet.

Also, I’m sorely disapointed about the support team of GRUNDIG, who either didn’t respond to my questions or didn’t answered fully and seriously…

But back to the actually topic:

First, let’s take a look at the existing officially GRUNDIG TV app for ANDROID to see which parts we can adapt.

On the first screenshot (1) you can see a list of all available channels. But, there we don’t have any information about the current TV programme or something else.

The second screenshot (2) should give us an overview about the current and upcomming TV programme on a selected channel, but unfortunately the information aren’t provided. So it just comes up with an empty list.. It is really helpful for you as a customer, isn’t it ;)?

Cause I’m not that satisfied about the current application, I just wanted to start to create my own application. So I start searching GOOGLE for a link to GRUNDIG Smart Inter@ctive API references. At least you bought a new SmartTV with tons of new technologies inside and therefore you also want to have a great application. But what I found out was much more disappointing me. Since the real big players such as Samsung, LG or Sony providing (free) available APIs for their platforms, GRUNDIG does not!

So I decided to reverse engineer the current application to extract the communication structure and the communication protocol.

Since there is no official available API, I’m not allowed to provide any information about the protocol. 

I’m really sorry for that.

Finally I was able to develop a new ANDROID SmartTV App.

I tried to keep it as simple as possible, but still to provide all the information I missed before.

Screenshot 4: New channel list with programme information (title, start and length) – Active channel is marked blue.

Screenshot 5: New keyboard interface

Screenshot 6: Detailed information about current programme (long click on a channel)

Screenshot 7: List of upcomming events

…And it is a fully ANDROID designed application.


Special thanks to:
http://code.google.com/p/deutsches-logo-pack/ for providing all the nice channel icons.

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  1. Posted by olivier Reply

    Nice one. However without publishing the stuff you’ve discovered this post is not as interesting as it could be. I do own a terribly bad Grundig TV which takes ages to boot and the “smart” stuff is useless as crap. That’s where I use Kodi and Apple TV anyways. However, I’d like to hook up the TV to my smart home and your discoveries would help. Of course I can run Wireshark and do this myself but if you could drop me an email with the details that would be super nice 😉

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