Ever wanted to control your TV with your SmartWatch?

Do you ever wanted to control your TV with your SmartWatch?

Directly after I received a Moto360 watch, I exactly thought about this.

Well, to be honest, it was not my first thought. I was just looking for an idea to implement and therefore to get in touch and to learn the new ANDROID wearable SDK.

Since I already developed a remote control app for my ANDROID SmartPhone, it would be a great idea to extend this application by a connection layer between my Moto360 and the TV.

So the basic approach behind this is very simple:


After reading through (probably) the entire references, I just started modifying my existing application and found out that I have to add a background service (WearableListenerService), to receive commands of the watch and overriding a method called “onMessageReceived” to handle those incoming commands.

After that you have to add a GoogleApiClient to your Activity to make wearable connections possible.

Well that’s it. Quite simple with less modification efforts, right?


And that’s what my SmartWatch Remote Control looks like:


Smartwatch Remote Control
Smartwatch Remote Control


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